Machine/Tool Product Liability Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Dangerous Tools and Product Liability

There are over 105 million workers employed in the United States by some 7 million employers. The equipment used on a work site is governed by laws and regulations designed to protect workers and others at the site from dangerous tools and accidents. These laws require that established safety procedures be adhered to so that injuries and fatalities are prevented.

There are three key factors used to determine if a product is defective:

  1. Malfunctions Due to Improper Manufacturing
  2. Design Defects
  3. Improper Instructions One Use
  4. Improper Warning Labels

It is the manufacturer's and supplier's responsibility to protect and warn the use of their product against injuries. Manufacturers must:

  • Eliminate known defects and create a new product design.
  • Guard against problems and provide safety devices. (Example: Latches on push lawnmowers that have to be constantly squeezed in order for the lawn mower to operate.)
  • Give adequate instructions about how to use the product and warning stickers about potentially dangerous situations with the product.

Examples of dangerous tools, work equipment and defective repair devices include:

  • Defective Saws
  • Defective Drills
  • Defective Staple Guns
  • Defective Woodworking Equipment
  • Defective Air Compressor
  • Badly Designed Hand Tools That Cause Carpal Tunnel (screwdrivers, handsaws, drills and knives)
  • Air-powered Machine Tools Without Fail-Safe Cutoffs
  • Unguarded Power/ Machine Tools 
  • Badly Organized/ Ergonomically Incorrect Workstations
  • Assembly Lines Running at Incorrect Speeds
  • Sewing Machines With Elbow-operated Speed Controls 
  • Printing Machines Causing Unnecessary Bending of the Wrists 
Robert D. Erney has 29 years of experience working on product liability cases and has handled several cases involving dangerous tools, work equipment and defective repair devices. If you or a loved one has been a victim of dangerous machines or tools at work, contact Robert D. Erney and Associates today