Defective Children’s Products Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Keeping Your Children Safe from Defective Children’s Products 

Defective toys and defective children's products put unknowing children at a serious risk for catastrophic injury or death. Defective toys and defective products are an especially significant area of product liability law, since these products put children who are vulnerable and not capable of assessing or understanding the risk in danger.
Defective toys and defective children's products can be subject to recall. Defective toys can be voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer or can be subject to recalls from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Defective car seats can be recalled by either the manufacturer or can be subject to a recall from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
Defective toys and defective children's products that result in an injury to a child can be the subject of a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturers, distributors and sellers are responsible for the safety of their products and for warning customers of any dangers associated with those products.

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers can be held responsible for:

  • Defects in Design
  • Defects in Manufacture
  • Incorrect or Incomplete Instructions
  • Failure to Warn of Dangers 
  • Failure to Live up to Warranties
In the last 29 years, Robert D. Erney has handled several cases against the manufacturers of children's products, holding them responsible for defective toys and other defective children's products. If a child you know and love has been a victim of defective children’s products, contact Robert D. Erney and Associates to discuss your potential claim.