Wrongful Death Settlements – Columbus, OH

When You Need a Probate Court Approval for Wrongful Death

When a person dies a wrongful death and a settlement is reached in a wrongful death case, the Wrongful Death Settlement must be approved by the county probate court. The probate court will need to know the amount of the settlement, cost of funeral and burial expenses, any final medical bills or other debts related to the wrongful death, attorneys’ fees, case expenses and the net proceeds for the wrongful death claim. 
The court will also need to know the names and addresses of all of the heirs or beneficiaries of the estate who must either waive notice or be mailed certified letters informing them of the potential Wrongful Death Settlement. The court will set a hearing date and if there are no objections to the settlement and distribution of the settlement, it will approve the settlement the day of the hearing.
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