Last Will and Testament – Columbus, OH

Preparing Your Last Will and Testament


A Last Will and Testament is a document that allows you to tell people how you want your belongings or assets to be handled upon your death. It tells the person you name as Executor exactly how to distribute the assets in your estate. This document is invaluable because it makes it much easier for those left behind to deal with the items owned at the time of your death.


If you have minor children, a Last Will and Testament also allows you to name the person or persons you want to be guardian or guardians of your children until they become adults. Everyone, especially those with children, should have a Last Will and Testament. The original must be put in a very safe place, and the person who is named as the Executor needs to know exactly where the original is when the time comes.


Robert D. Erney has 29 years of experience in preparing last wills and testaments. Let our law firm help you with this most important step in estate planning.