Guardianship Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Legal Rights of a Guardian

Guardianships are granted to one person to take care of another person, whether it is the actual person, the estate of that person, or both, when they are not capable of taking care of themselves. 
A Guardianship may be granted for a minor child who has lost both of their parents or who had only one parent involved in their life and that parent passes away. It may also be granted for an adult who is not compentent to make decisions on their own behalf, whether due to mental issues or health problems. This allows the person seeking the Guardianship to continue to make decisions for the ward, even after that person turns eighteen. 
A Guardianship for an incompetent adult must be accompanied by medical documentation indicating that the ward is not capable of making decisions on his or her own behalf. It is also necessary if you have a minor settlement in excess of $25,000.00. 
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