Estate Planning Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Planning Your Estate

When a loved one passes away, the belongings, accounts and real estate they owned at the time of their death are distributed through their Estate. An Estate can be opened for a person who has passed away regardless of whether the person had a last will and testament or not. If the person did not have a last will and testament, the Estate is distributed according to what the state statute and codifications determine. If a person did have a last will and testament, then the Estate is distributed according to the terms of the last will and testament. 
Estates are governed by the county probate court where the person lived before they passed away. The executor or administrator of an Estate has the task of collecting all of the estate’s assets, telling the probate court what those assets are, paying any debts owed by the estate-- such as final medical bills and funeral and burial expenses-- and distributing the remainder of the estate in accordance with either the statute or the person’s last will and testament. 
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