Prescription Error Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Prescription Error and Pharmacist Negligence

Many people rely on prescriptions and over-the-counter medication when facing temporary ailments or chronic problems, and they trust that their pharmacist will correctly dispense the appropriate prescription. However, mistakes can unfortunately occur. Pharmacy Negligence (or pharmacy malpractice) occurs when errors are involved in the prescription process due to a variety of reasons. 

Common Prescription errors can occur from the following situations:

  • Wrong Medication/ Dosage Type
  • Wrong Instructions
  • Drug Interactions
  • Drug Allergies
Large pharmacy companies have access to a complete record of what medications have been dispensed to a particular individual. That puts the pharmacist in a position to recognize if a doctor makes a mistake in prescribing a type of medication or dosage that might contradict with another prescription written by another doctor.
Pharmacists have a duty to customers to make sure that the proper medication is dispensed pursuant to the doctor's prescription or order. The pharmacist must make sure he or she understands what has been written, and if he or she doesn't understand it, must then consult with the doctor to verify what the prescription was written for to avoid any type of prescription error. 
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