Dog Bite Personal Injury Attorney – Columbus, OH

Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

Nearly two percent of the American public is bitten by a dog each year. That's millions of people every year, and almost 800,000 of those are serious enough to require medical attention. The magnitude of dog bite injuries can be severe, resulting in serious scarring and deformity and in some cases, even death. And sadly, the odds show that 7 out of 10 of those fatal dog attacks happen to children.  

Dog owners who responsibly own and socialize their dogs can prevent most dog bites.


To avoid a dog bite or attack, practice the following safety tips when you are around an unfamiliar dog. 

  • Never approach an unfamiliar dog
  • If approached by an unfamiliar dog, remain still without making any sudden movements
  • Don’t panic by running away yelling or screaming
  • Don’t make eye contact with an unfamiliar dog
  • Never leave children unattended or alone around a dog
  • Never disturb a dog while it is eating, sleeping or tending to its puppies
Because dog bite accidents are a largely preventable public health issue, Ohio upholds specific laws created to govern the care and restraint of domestic pets, making pet owners and keepers responsible and accountable if their pet injures someone. 
If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation. Robert D. Erney is an experienced dog bite attorney with over 29 years of experience settling personal injury cases. To discuss your potential case, contact Robert D. Erney and Associates today.