Nursing Home Negligence / Abuse Lawyer -- Columbus, OH

Modern life expectancy has changed, and many elderly Americans continue to be independent into their 80s and 90s. Placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a difficult, heart-wrenching decision that many people are faced with each year when considering the care of a parent, grandparent or other relative.  Families would like to know that the elderly family member is in a facility where their medical needs and day-to-day living needs can be met. While the majority of these facilities will provide the same care that their residents’ families would provide, some of these facilities will fall below that standard.


Unfortunately, many employees and professionals employed by nursing homes and assisted living facilities have access to the elderly with little or no supervision. This can lead to elder abuse and neglect.


Although physical abuse is the most prevalent type of elder abuse, there are other types of abuse elderly family members can be subjected to, particularly in a nursing home setting or an assisted living facility. Some of these include: assault, failure to assist at mealtime or during activities, failure to attend to bedpans or adult diapers, intimidation through yelling and threats, ignoring the resident, humiliation, inattention, isolation, improper administration of medication, unsanitary living conditions, malnutrition, force-feeding, infrequent and / or insufficient bathing, sexual abuse and others.


Injuries frequently caused by abuse of a resident in a nursing home or assisted living facility can include bedsores, also called “pressure sores,” abrasions, lacerations, bone fractures, infection, dehydration, and / or malnutrition.


If your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you or your loved one may have a valid claim. Please contact Robert D. Erney & Associates Co., LPA today to schedule your free initial consultation.