Medical Devices and Medical Negligence -- Columbus, OH

Defective Medical Devices and Negligence


Medical devices can be anything from artificial joints to artificial hearts to pacemakers, and anything in between. Each year, hundreds of new and different medical devices and surgical implements are placed on the market by medical device manufacturers.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with regulating medical devices, just as it is charged with regulating prescription drugs. The FDA is supposed to test each and every medical device for safety and efficacy. Unfortunately, the FDA is unable to carefully test and screen all such devices and surgical implements. In recent years, the approval process for medical devices has been sped up as multi-national manufacturers have pushed harder and harder for fast device approval and less rigorous testing. Oftentimes, the FDA simply approves a new device, prosthesis, or implant on the basis of its "substantial similarity" to an already existing device.


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