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Laser Eye Surgery Procedures and Medical Negligence


LASIK is laser eye surgery that is performed by an ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologists limit their practice to diagnosis and surgery of conditions and disease of the optic nerve and the surrounding structures.


Over 1 million people underwent laser eye surgery last year. Most of these patients were happy with the outcome of their procedure. However, approximately 50,000 patients suffered vision complications, several of which were debilitating.


Critics say that the laser eye surgery industry, known as LASIK, is putting profit ahead of quality treatment. Most of the doctors who perform the Lasik procedure are reputable and well trained. However, with the intense competition to attract patients, many clinics and offices have reduced prices to unsustainable levels. To recoup lost revenue, the laser clinics are forced to schedule dozens of procedures each day, potentially compromising the safety of their patients. This results in approximately five percent of those who undergo LASIK suffering from a reduction in vision, dry eyes, inflammation, or difficulty driving at night due to sensitivity to glare. While these are often temporary, some of these adverse outcomes can become permanent.


Laser eye surgery takes approximately 15 minutes, with the doctor cutting a flap on the front of the eye, moving it out of the way in order to access the cornea, then the doctor reshapes the cornea in order to correct the vision problem. It is this seemingly simple and fast paced nature of this procedure that causes many people to seek out laser eye surgery. But, like with any medical procedure, there can be complications, and despite lengthy consent forms, many patients don't appreciate the true risks.


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