Mediation Attorney – Columbus, OH

Mediators Who Can Help Resolve Your Legal Dispute

What is a Mediator and what does a Mediator Professional do? Mediators are a neutral party that is in between two parties during a dispute to help them with their differences. Simply put, a mediator professional is not one who takes sides, but instead tries to help the two parties come to a resolution through effective negotiating. Mediators can help individuals settle a wide range of disputes.

Having a Dispute?

Conflict resolution in mediation is a preferable alternative to court litigation. Mediation allows the parties to resolve their differences quickly without the costly efforts of court trials and appeals. This informal process uses an impartial third party or mediation attorney to help the disputing parties to resolve their conflict on a mutual decision.

Some Advantages of our Mediation Services:

  • Fair and Neutral
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Confidential
  • Avoids Litigation
  • Improves Communication
  • Everyone Wins
A successful mediation results in less expenses and delays investigations and court litigation. Mediation brings a binding agreement between both parties. However, if both parties cannot agree, they may pursue other legal remedies, such as private lawsuits.

Further Benefits of our Mediation Services:

  • Discuss the Dispute Issues
  • Clear Up Misunderstandings
  • Determine Underlying Interests
  • Determine Underlying Concerns
  • Determine Areas of Agreement
  • Implement Areas of Agreement into Action
With 29 years of experience, Robert D. Erney is a successful mediator professional who will mediate your case with compassion and understanding. If you are interested in more information regarding mediators or our mediation services, contact Robert D. Erney and Associates today