Railroad Accident Personal Injury Attorney – Columbus, OH

Train Accidents 

Railroad accidents can involve locomotives or light rail systems. Crashes at railroad crossings kill hundreds each year and injure thousands more. 

Train accidents can involve:

  • Unprotected Crossings
  • Collisions with other Trains, Vehicles or Pedestrians
  • Improper Track Maintenance
  • Derailment
  • Driver Fatigue or Error
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Defects in the Trains
  • Defects in the Tracks or Infrastructure
  • Spilling of Hazardous Waste

If the railroad company does not properly mark the crossings or does provide adequate protection, it creates an unacceptable risk for the driving public. Railroads must do their very best to make railroad crossings safe to prevent railroad accidents. This requires implementing the following measures:

  • Installation of Gates
  • Installation of Lights 
  • Installation of other Warnings to Motorists
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