Insurance Coverage Disputes – Columbus, OH

Don’t Get Caught in an Insurance Coverage Dispute

After an auto accident, natural disaster or medical emergency, you expect your insurance company to make good on the terms of the policy you have paid into. However, insurance companies sometimes play hardball with claimants, knowingly refusing to pay legitimate claims, requiring unnecessary steps or delays, or insisting upon unreasonable documentation or other requirements before paying out.

Insurance coverage disputes are often a result of insurance companies interpreting policies to minimize the required payment.

We all like to assume that insurance companies will honor their obligations when a valid claim is made. Unfortunately, insurance companies often interpret policies to minimize the required payment. In other situations, insurance companies simply refuse to pay. Insurance companies have self-interest to not pay claims. Payments reduce the cash reserves that insurance companies must maintain. Maintaining those cash reserves costs the insurer money, reducing profit or requiring the raising of premiums. In catastrophic situations like hurricanes or fires, the insurance companies have a financial interest to not pay the claim. An experienced dispute insurance law attorney can help you fight the wrongful refusal to pay a claim. We can assist your understanding of the terms and conditions of your policy and direct you in completing a proper claim under the policy. If your valid claim is denied, we will file suit and litigate through trial on your behalf.
We represent an insured who is involved in an insurance coverage dispute from almost any insurance policy. If an insurance company refuses to pay your claim, denies payment or offers an insufficient amount, we will represent you to enforce the insurance company's obligations. You should never have to represent yourself alone against an insurance company or accept an unfair settlement offer. If your case requires tough negotiation or aggressive litigation, we will see that you are treated fairly and compensated by the insurance company.
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