Homeowners Insurance Lawyer – Columbus, OH

Do You Know What’s Covered Under Your Homeowners' Insurance Policy?

Homeowners' insurance policies generally include coverage for a wide variety of losses and liabilities. Even your insurance agent may well be confused about which members of the household and what types of losses are covered.

Understanding Your Policyholder Rights

If your homeowners' insurance company has denied your claim, paid only a small amount of the losses involved, or is disputing coverage altogether, you may be involved in a homeowner’s insurance dispute and need help in collecting the compensation you have paid for.

What are common homeowners' insurance claims?

Common claims involve wind damage to the house, destruction or loss of personal property and personal liability if a member of the household is sued. As homeowner’s insurance lawyers, we represent clients whose claims have been denied or who have been offered unreasonably low settlements for claims involving roof damage, hail damage, mold, fire, theft of personal property, injury and more.

When is a refusal to pay bad faith?

When the company does not pay a reasonable amount for damages within a reasonable time, it may amount to bad faith.


Examples of bad faith include:

  • In a roof claim, the company only offers to replace a few shingles, leaving a mismatched, de-valued roof.
  • A home is destroyed by fire, and the company uses an arson defense, even where there is no clear evidence of the alleged arson.
  • If jewelry was stolen, the company uses a fraud defense, claiming the theft was fabricated, despite a lack of evidence of the alleged fraud.
  • Luggage was lost by an airline and the airline only covered part of the loss, but the insurance company claimed a coverage exclusion, despite the lack of a clause to that effect in the policy, and refused to pay the balance.
  • Family members away at college or in the military are members of the household under a policy, but the insurance adjuster claims otherwise.

Do I need to sue?

Robert D. Erney has 29 years of experience in homeowner’s insurance law. Often, our firm can negotiate a favorable settlement on behalf of our clients. In other cases, a lawsuit is necessary to win a reasonable award. We can often make an early and accurate prediction of what your case will involve. If you or someone you know is involved in a homeowner’s insurance dispute, contact Robert D. Erney and Associates today